Latest Mack Brown Rumors: Tampa Coach Being Considered

Published on 23-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Latest Mack Brown Rumors: Tampa Coach Being Considered

Just when Mack Brown thought it was safe to breathe again after Texas defeated Kansas State last Saturday, here comes another rumor from yet another 'source' who says Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Greg Schiano may be considered for the position.

According to Scott McKinney, host of the Southern Sports Tonight show on the The Ticket Sports Network out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Schiano is now on Texas' hit list.

"We are getting word that Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano is at the top of the list as a replacement for Mack Brown at Texas following the season. Schiano was pretty good at Rutgers and this may be a great fit. Your thoughts?"

Longhorn fans are probably wondering how did they go from pursuing Nick Saban to Greg Schiano?

Well, never discount the possibility of a media dude pulling something out of thin air to get a little publicity.

True, Schiano did well while he was at Rutgers, but this is Texas. It's one thing to win eight or nine games every few years in New Jersey, but Texas is football country, and that doesn't work down there.

On top of that, can you see Schiano wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots talking to Texas boosters in a New Jersey accent? I can't. Although the image is pretty funny.  

Texas wants to compete for a national championship, not for a bid in the Cotton Bowl. Plus, Schiano is struggling right now with the Bucs. Oh, and there is one more problem: Mack is not ready to go yet.

And it seems to me, until Texas officials solve that issue, there is no coaching search.

But do know the rumor mill will be serving the interests of all and sundry until that time.