Lane Kiffin: Troll Extraordinaire

Published on 4-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Lane Kiffin: Troll Extraordinaire

Maybe there is something to that revenge is a dish best served cold stuff.

For three years, now, Lane Kiffin's kept his best powder dry about what he really thought of being pulled off a team bus and canned -- time: 3:14am; place: LAX -- after returning from that 62-41 smackdown by Arizona State.

But after Alabama's historic 52-6 blasting of USC in Dallas yesterday, it was time for diplomacy to take a hike.

With no tarmac in sight, as opposed to two time stamps:

Dude survived having a sewage treatment plant named after him on a technicality when he left Tennessee and has savored retribution on the third Saturday in October since becoming the Crimson Tide's offensive coordinator.

Kiffin may not have the strongest track record as a head coach, but he can definitely coordinate and there's no doubt he's offensive.

Others have noticed.

But to date, Kiffin's parried every thrust.

As the Trojans now know.