Hope the Idaho Vandals Have an American Expess Card

Published on 31-Aug-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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Hope the Idaho Vandals Have an American Expess Card

Looks like it's gonna be one of those seasons for Idaho football.

Was it an omen that the Florida Gators had a return man named Valdez Showers? His 70-or-so-yard scamper was the day's only human highlight before 243 lightning bolts in 10 minutes riddled the Gainesville skies, tearing open deluge-laden thunderclouds.

Long story short, that was that.

Swamp swamped

So what happens now?

The Vandals would gladly trade places with any of college football's other unfortunates on the day, such as:

ND State more Big 12 wins than Kansas

That $950,000 whuppin' check the Gators were supposed to write now depends on whether or not Florida wants to get their uniforms dirty the week before they venture up to Jax-Town for their annual matinée with a Georgia team that looked more ominous than the local thunderclouds yesterday.

Unless the Gators need a sixth win to make a bowl game this season, there's a very real chance the Vandals will get stiffed, with the exception of their travel expenses being covered. But that's small consolation. They're in the Sun Belt Conference, which means there are other long trips to cover.

Like that junket down to UL-Monroe next week. Bummer.