Holy Moly! Irish Need Gold in Stadium Renovations

Published on 30-Jan-2014 by Coach

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Holy Moly! Irish Need Gold in Stadium Renovations

The Nôtre Dame Fighting Irish: You either hate 'em, or ... well ... if you're reading this article, you hate 'em even more.

A new addition will be added to their stadium that won't affect the visibility of Touchdown Jesus.

The renovations to their stadium come with a price tag in excess of $400million. This will alter its appearance significantly and add approximately 4000 luxury seats. It should also be noted that several academic offices are included in the renovations, so, unfortunately, I'll have to give them credit for that.

This news comes roughly one week after the biggest apparel contract in NCAA history was signed between Nôtre Dame and Under Armour.

The Irish have a very Jerry Jonesey way of handling their athletics; just throw money at it and pray for the best.