Has the 'Bama Curse Struck Again? Golson Out at Notre Dame

Published on 25-May-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Has the 'Bama Curse Struck Again? Golson Out at Notre Dame

There's a joke making the rounds these days, extolling the aftermath of being dominated by the Crimson Tide:

  • Alabama beat Arkansas, and Arkansas fired their coach.
  • Alabama beat Tennessee, and Tennessee fired their coach.
  • Alabama beat Auburn, and Auburn fired their coach.
  • Then Alabama beat Notre Dame, and the Pope resigned.

Looks like a drubbing in the national championship game at the hands of the Tide carries more of a curse than that.

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson is no longer with the Irish. It apparently has something to do with a violation of the school's Residence Life code. Feel free to take a look and speculate: It's only 26 pages.

It seems that in almost all instances, such violations do not result in expulsion. Still, it appears to be quite a process. Vagaries abound.

Whatever Golson did, it's apparent there is no chance of his being reinstated by the team this coming season. Whether he returns after that is anyone's guess.

However, if Golson winds up transferring to another program, perhaps he needs to take an extra measure of precaution:

He should check the schedule to make certain Alabama isn't on it.


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