Georgia Suspends Safety Josh Harvey-Clemons

Published on 29-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Georgia Suspends Safety Josh Harvey-Clemons

What would a college football off season be anymore without at least one Georgia player suspended?

This year, it's UGA safety Josh Harvey-Clemons. He apparently got caught with marijuana and will be suspended for the opening game against Clemson.

Head coach Mark Richt said that Clemons and former tight end Ty Flournoy Smith admitted in the police report to "smoking a blunt."

Investigators reported that, basically, Clemons and Smith acted like they'd been with Towelie the Towel all night. They had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils that were slow to respond to light. Investiagators didn't ask if the two of them had the munchies.

You wonder how Mark Richt is able to field a team every year when he seems to be suspending players each and seemingly every summer for one or two games.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier even joked last year that the best time to catch the Bulldogs is the beginning of the season because they always have a few players suspended. 

And if you check out Georgia's win-loss records over the past few years, most of their defeats have come at the front end of their schedule. Wonder why?

Mark Richt might have won a national championship by now if he could have kept his players off the police scanners in the summer.