Frogs Game-Control Longhorns

Published on 27-Nov-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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Frogs Game-Control Longhorns

So, Texas Christian goes into Austin and takes it to Texas to the tune of 48-10.

They even stuck a few Horny Toad style points in there for good measure.

Since nobody really knows for certain what the Selection Committee thinks is important anymore, that probably wasn't a bad idea.

Face it, everything changed -- including the committee's cred -- when the term game control appeared out of nowhere.

Is this game control?

31 points off turnovers makes some sort of statement. After all, Texas QB Tyrone Swoopes was only good for six picks all season, and the TCU defense added four more, plus that scoop-&-scram.

Not so bad in the real world, when measurable results used to matter. It beats what was previously known as game control, found in parents' basements in homes near you.

But what does a game control scoreboard look like in that Dallas boardroom? This?

              1             2             3                 4 Total
TCU Horned Frogs OK, the D can score. Hey! Lookit! An offense! A lead's not enough? Game control this, dudes! Well, we covered.
Texas Longhorns Could be a long night. It is a long night! Damn! It's cold, too. 'Tis the season of giving. Yo! 6-6. Bowl swag!

And if anyone was wondering how the BCS would work with only 12 voters, they're wondering no more.