Former West Virginia QB: Bama Offered Me a Car

Published on 15-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Former West Virginia QB: Bama Offered Me a Car

Alabama running back Derrick Henry caused quite a stir when he posted pictures on Twitter of his new ride.

Big mistake.

Looks OK. Nice car. Clean kid. Nice neighborhood. What's not to like?

Henry Instagram

Naturally, Twitter exploded with comments from fans across the country, accusing Henry and the Crimson Tide of cheating.

Henry tweet

Auburn fan tweet

But Henry wasn't going to take the comments lying down.

Henry response

If you thought those remarks were interesting, wait until you read what former West Virginia QB Pat White had to say. White claims that back when he was being recruited, Bama offered him a Corvette. So he got  busy on his Facebook page:

White Facebook page

White, who is from the Mobile area, was heavily recruited as an athlete -- not a quarterback -- and according to a former Tide assistant coach under then head coach Mike Shula 10 years ago, once White told them he wanted to be a signal caller, they basically stop recruiting him.

I'm not saying White wasn't offered a car -- he may have been -- but more than likely, it wasn't by the coaching staff.

Bama had to disassociate themselves from several boosters for stuff like that, so I'm sure White was offered something.

Meanwhile, Nick Saban was his usual succinct self:

Saban comment

Even if Henry was "given" his car, it would be hard to prove. Hell, to this day, Eric Dickerson is still going hardcore Omerta as to who gave him his new car when enrolled at SMU. 

Maybe they should have offered White more, because back in those days under Shula, they could have used him.

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