Former Bama Player Defends Saban

Published on 11-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Bama Player Defends Saban

Since Nick Saban backed the 10-second rule and it failed, the Crimson Tide coach has been a popular target for media and fans across the country.

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd called Saban "scared." Jim Rome called him "Nicky Satan". So, naturally, callers to the Paul Finebaum Show were taking shots at him, too, which is not unusal. However, one particular caller had had enough.

Former Alabama offensive lineman Kellen Williams called in to defend his coach and his stance on the 10-second rule.

"Coach Saban really prepped us for spread teams," said Williams, who was mainly a reserve. "I was an offensive lineman, so I wasn't in on the defensive installation meetings when we started game-planning people, but I know for a fact that he has those guys for prepped for spread teams."

One game Williams mentioned was when Alabama shut down Missouri and its spread offense in 2012. This is the same Missouri team that won the SEC East last year with basically the same team.

The main point Williams was making is the man can still coach. That's a point I mentioned a few months ago after Saban's team lost to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

How quickly people forget.

Look, the only reason people are taking shots at Saban is because they dislike him and they know this may be their only chance to do it. In their eyes, Alabama is down, despite winning 11 games and going to a BCS game.

If you listen to the Cowherds and Romes of the world, you'd think Alabama won just four games last year and that Crimson Tide fans should panic.

But knowing Nick Saban, he'll adjust, and normally when he adjusts, everyone else will have to adjust to him, just like they've been doing since he came to Tuscaloosa eight years ago.

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