Nick Saban Hasn't Forgotten How to Coach

Published on 6-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Nick Saban Hasn't Forgotten How to Coach

I know some of you have been waiting with bated breath -- yeah, right -- for my opinion on the Alabama-Oklahoma game. 

Shock and dismay was my first reaction. Shock at how the Sooners manhandled the Crimson Tide; dismayed by the loss. 

But this still wasn't an overreaction, as opposed to other folks, mainly Alabama fans who questioned Nick Saban's play calling, his defense, his offense, his pre-game meal, and whatever else.

One particular famous fan is comedian Ricky Smiley, who posted this on his Facebook page:

Coach Saban please get a DEFENSE! !! NO PRESSURE ON THE QB ALL YEAR LONG, AND THE SECONDARY FREEKIN SUCK!!!! Also its time to change the style of offense let Sims do what other running QBs do!!! Last thing, when was the last time BAMA had a black QB? 

See the overreaction after two loses?

Last time I checked, Nick Saban has won the most BCS Championships in the BCS era, and most of his teams are made up of African-American players.

Even Nick Saban has off days, but Alabama didn't lose because Saban had a bad game plan. Alabama lost because the players didn't execute the game plan.

When they weren't turning the ball over, the Tide was scoring points on the Sooners. But how many good teams do you know turn the ball over four times and win? 

If you said none, you are correct.

Nick Saban didn't wake up one morning and forget how to coach. He lost to better teams. It happens.

Ask Urban Meyer. Ask Mark Richt. Ask Bob Stoops who until that bowl was losing to so many great teams that he got the sarcastic title of Big Game Bob. In fact, he also lost to some not so great teams, too (see Texas). 

Oklahoma had the better game plan, Oklahoma didn't turn the ball over, and Oklahoma wanted it more.

So Bama fans, come off the ledge. Last time a Saban team got its collective butt kicked in a bowl game -- that would be in the 2008 Sugar Bowl against Utah -- three national championships followed.

Keep that in mind this off season while the team is re-loading.