Former Alabama Player Appears on Necessary Roughness

Published on 14-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Alabama Player Appears on Necessary Roughness

In an odd twist of fate, former Alabama running back Brent Calloway is now an actor.

Calloway, along with three former teammates were kicked off the team back in early 2013.

He was charged with one count of using a fraudulent credit card of an Alabama student who was attacked and robbed by three other players.

Now, Calloway appears to be trying to put his life back together. That started the other night when he made a guest appearance as "the Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama," on the USA Network's Necessary Roughness.

The show, which is filmed in Atlanta, was looking for actors, so Calloway sent his pic in and got the job.

"I just submitted my photos for a part and I got the part," he said in a phone interview with "That's basically how it happened."

Calloway was a highly touted recruit from Russellville, Alabama and had once committed to the Tide, then switched to Auburn, then back to the Tide, which caused a spot of controversy at the time. And Calloway couldn't stay out of trouble while in Tuscaloosa; his arrest back in February was his second.

He was also nicked two years ago for drug possession, but it seems like now, he is trying to redeem himself and his image.

"A lot of people are saying 'congratulations.' A lot of encouragement, which is much needed right now," said Calloway.

Who knows? Maybe Calloway will become the Emmy winner from Alabama.