Florida Commit Does Gator Chomp at Cam Newton

Published on 24-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Florida Commit Does Gator Chomp at Cam Newton

If you think rivalries in the SEC don't run deep, check out this story from the past week.

It's about former Auburn Tigers quarterback Cam Newton and Florida Gators commit C'yontai Lewis.

Lewis saw Newton at a camp and did the Gator chomp at him, which according to reports and Lewis himself, Cam didn't take too kindly to the move. He reportedly muttered under his breath, "So disrespectful."

Lewis and several others were amused by Cam's reaction.

Lewis tweeted this after the incident:

"Did The Gator Chomp At Cam Newton. He was sad as f*** "

Richard Johnson, who writes for a Florida Gators publication, also tweeted about this and he said:

"It was hilarious, and Cam was not amused one bit."

Newton, who used to play at Florida before transferring later to Auburn, is not known for keeping his emotions in check.

But instead of going off on the kid, Cam just gave him a signed Auburn Tigers jersey and took a picture with him.

Maybe Cam is starting to mature after all.