EWU Eagles' High-Flying Adams Migrates to Duck U

Published on 10-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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EWU Eagles' High-Flying Adams Migrates to Duck U

For once, the Division I quarterback transfer route has become a two-lane highway.

It's not uncommon to see frustrated FBS chuckers move to FCS programs, where they can play immediately.

Eastern Washington University standout Vernon Adams Jr is far from frustrated with the Big Sky powerhouse Eagles, but he's got a shot to raise his flamboyant game a notch and he's taking it.

This play is an indication he'll be a natural at Oregon:

The Pac-12 will present Adams with a few challenges, but they won't exactly be new. Last season, he torched Washington  for yardage that could almost be measured in light-years, and that was against a Huskies defense that will likely have four high-round NFL draft choices this spring.

That was no fluke. Adams led EWU to an upset of Oregon State in 2013:

Dude's a package. Wheels. Power. Touch. Leadership.

Hard to believe his high school coach couldn't get a Division I program to even sniff Adams' jock. But that was pre-Russell Wilson, too. Adams is the same height, probably has a stronger arm, and while he's joining a high-octane crew in Eugene, he's leaving an outfit that's been impressive in that regard, as well.

The key takeaway in Adams' decision is that if he decided not to attend Oregon, he was going to remain at Eastern, spurning the likes of UCLA and Texas in the process.

With that sort of cred out there, it probably won't be long before Coach Beau Baldwin will be the next Eagle to make the move to Division I.