Craig James to Sue Fox Sports over Firing

Published on 26-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Craig James to Sue Fox Sports over Firing

Poor Craig James, he just can't seem to catch a break.

The former ESPN analyst who also had an unsuccessful run for a senate seat in Texas has lost yet another job, this time with Fox Sports Southwest.

James claims he was fired for his beliefs against same-sex marriage. Seems like he's got a point and/or got the message.

So what does James plan to do about it? Sue Fox, of course.

Fox says they have reason to fire James. They feel like he was using his job to push his agenda just like he did while he was at ESPN.

Remember, the Worldwide Leader got sick of James when he used his position there to bash then-Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach for abusing his son Adam, which basically cost Leach his job.

Yeah, right.

Now, it seems, he's doing it again, but Fox wasn't going to put up with it. They called him out on it, fired him, and now he's mad.

Craig James is one of the least liked figures in sports today. You know it's bad when even agenda-pushing Fox is firing you. He must have really pissed them off.

Craig James either needs to keep his opinions on social issues to himself or continue to find himself without work.