Clowney Tries to Clear Up Rumors

Published on 9-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Clowney Tries to Clear Up Rumors

It's been a strange couple of days for South Carolina linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.

First, head coach Steve Spurrier made comments Saturday that the Gamecock defensive star took himself out of the game against Kentucky. 

Next thing you know, Spurrier comes back and through a written statement, basically apologizes to Clowney, and tells Gamecock fans that -- basically -- hey, if the kid doesn't come back to play for us, we should be grateful he was here.

Now, we finally get to hear from Clowney with his take on the whole situation.

“I haven't played my last game here,” Clowney told reporters, per The State in South Carolina. “I will be back on the field. I just don't know how long it's going to take me to get back, but I will be back ...

"I am not looking to sit out. I am not that type of guy. I am here for the team regardless, and I am here to work with the team."

From what it sounds like, it wasn't Clowney who messed up; it was Spurrier who admitted that maybe the protocol from the top -- meaning him -- to Clowney was some how lost in translation.

Instead of Clowney going through the trainers and letting them decide if he should start, he went to the Head Ball Coach and told him his plans, which didn't sit well.

"Obviously, we all handled it poorly," Spurrier said. "All of us did."

Maybe the real question we all should have been asking is not whether Clowney will ever play again in Columbia, but if Spurrier will be back next year as Gamecocks head coach.

Knowing Spurrier's personality, he won't tolerate resistance to his way of seeing the world much longer. Florida found that out the hard way.