Bama Freshman Making Freshman Mistake

Published on 29-Jul-2013 by Coach

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Bama Freshman Making Freshman Mistake

Twitter, high-profile recruits, and straight cash (homey) never mix well.

Alabama freshman Dee Liner will find that out soon enough.

Pictures were posted on Instagram of Liner and two friends holding up wads of cash, stating that “the struggle is over,” and that this was “only day 1 [sic]”.

If he wants to know more, he should ask Marvin Austin and the 2010 North Carolina Tar Heels football team. Austin openly admitted to a special agent that he received cash while he was a student at North Carolina.

Not many people remember the 2010 North Carolina season, mainly because they went 8-5 and won a bowl game over Tennessee. Nothing overly impressive. But it's a case of what-could’ve-been. The team had four players drafted in the first two rounds, and three didn't even play a snap that season. 

So a quick little piece of advice for the freshman class at 'Bama: if that money was legally obtained, you'd better have a paycheck stub to prove it.