Bama and SC to Play in 2016? Maybe

Published on 14-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Bama and SC to Play in 2016? Maybe

Good news for college football fansRrumor has it that Alabama and USC may play each other in 2016 at a neutral site.

Can you say Jerry World?

Dan Patrick said this morning on his show that it was a done deal, but according to Tide head coach Nick Saban, not quite yet.

Yeah, we're always looking, but [it's] not anything I can share with you right now. I don't think we want to create speculation. We're playing Wisconsin in Dallas [in 2015], and we were supposed to play Penn State in 2016. They bailed out on us, so we're looking for an opponent to play somewhere in 2016 right now.

The Tide hasn't faced a Pac-12 team since the 2000 and 2001 seasons, losing both contests to UCLA. Under Saban, Bama has yet to face a West Coast team.

Although a potential USC-Bama game would be great to see, as a fan, I'd love to see Bama-Oregon.

USC has played in Alabama recently, but it was against the Auburn Tigers back in 2003, when they defeated the Tigers 23-0.

The Tide and Trojans haven't faced each other since the 70's under Bear Bryant. The most memorable game being the 1970 game. The Crimson Tide played the Trojans in Birmingham, and running back Sam Cunningham had a field day, pounding the Tide for three touchdowns. 

At the time, the Crimson Tide didn't have a black player on the team, but as Bryant put it, "Sam Cunningham did more to integrate Alabama in 60 minutes than Martin Luther King did in a decade."

And the rest, as they say, is history.