Auburn Football Racks 'Em Up: Another Year, Another Allegation

Published on 4-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Auburn Football Racks 'Em Up: Another Year, Another Allegation

Here we go again. Another year, another allegation against the Auburn Tigers and their football program.

Seems like for the past couple of years, it has become a rite of spring to have some hint of impropriety eminate from that hallowed institute of higher learning, Auburn University, involving its football program. Why should this year be any different?

This time it's Selena Roberts, a former Auburn grad, pointing fingers. Roberts, who was the reporter on the Duke lacrosse case -- and we all know how that ended -- is now reporting that the Tigers, under former head coach Gene Chizik, paid players, changed grades, and put ineligible players onto the field during their 2010 national championship run.

None of these stories are really new. We've been hearing about this type cheating going on down on the plains for years when Chizik was head coach. The caveat is nothing has been proven yet.

What has changed this time is that players are actually talking -- or at least they were up until Roberts' article came out on Wed 3 April -- and what they're saying doesn't cast Auburn in a very favorable light, but then again, none of the allegations in the past haven't exactly put AU anywhere near a ray of favorable light.

Ever since Gene Chizik walked on the Auburn campus, there have been rumors that the Tigers paid for players. If AU did do it, they did a lousy job of evauluating talent. In that respect, it should be breaking news that none of the Auburn staff has ever worked for the New York Jets.

The 'boot-money' boosters should be asking for their money back.

As any passionate fan base would, AU supporters are having a fit and a field day pointing out that Roberts was the one who made false allegations in the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Actually, Roberts didn't make those allegations -- a stripper did -- but that's spliting hairs, right? Roberts also broke the A-Rod steroids story, so she is far from a hack.

Unlike past aspersions that have been cast against Auburn, Roberts has hopefully learned from the mistakes of others and has her ducks in a row.

If she doesn't, it is she who had better start ducking. 

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