Any Wolverines Wanna Transfer to Antarctica Tech?

Published on 17-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Any Wolverines Wanna Transfer to Antarctica Tech?

What in the name of the Texas Rangers infield is going on out there?

Is this National Butter Week or something?

Whatever was in the air in Toronto has made its way to a border state.

And it's enough to make one wonder if Harpo Marx is back in charge of game balls.

There Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Wolverines were, nestled in the Big House, sticking it to Sparty, and leading for 60:00 of the game.

That's right. All 60:00. Ticking away like the clock Harbaugh has in his kitchen ... now.

With the Wolverines holding a two-point lead in the waning seconds of what looked to be snapping their two-year losing streak to their in-state and undefeated rivals, this happened:

Let's pause a moment while Sparty's broadcast hack gets his nards out of his throat ...

Quality win, there, State.

But they're still undefeated.

And it's only a couple more weeks before the voters who count get to start counting their votes.

What a finish. What a system.