Anarchy in the Big Ten

Published on 27-Nov-2016 by Chips 10

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Anarchy in the Big Ten

Is Michigan one of the top four teams in the country?

After a brutal 30-27 double-overtime loss to Ohio State on Saturday and an earlier upset loss to Iowa, the Wolverines should be sitting out this years' CFP playoffs.

Is Ohio State one of the top four teams in the country? 

According to the standings, it's only one of the top four teams in the Big Ten, if that counts for anything. Too bad for them that decorum for alphabetical order isn't part of the CFP criteria:

Big Ten Standings

And only 12 well-expensed individuals know that answer right now.

Michigan had Ohio State right where they wanted them, up by ten points late in the third quarter, but stuff happens.

Lotsa stuff, just like it did all game:

Whoa. If answering softball questions was a CFP criteria, the Buckeyes would be a lock.

Elsewhere, Jim Harbaugh did not go so quietly into that good night.

Yes, this was truly an intense situation to be determining a 4th-and-one spot:

But still. Maybe it wasn't the best day to be wearing stripes, but that crew didn't fumble or throw interceptions near the goal line.

And since the NCAA hasn't rented the NSA's surveillance systems yet, the best that modern technology had to offer the jock world couldn't see enough to overturn the call.

So that's that. Just ask Oklahoma State.

With the main event done and dusted, all Penn State needed to do was put Sparty away.

Ultimately, they did:

Thus, for anyone who's interested, the Nittany Lions and Wisconsin will now play for the Big Ten title.

For the record, Michigan beat both of them. But one or two games does not a conference season make.

Unless, in this instance, you're Ohio State.

Championship Week and Bedlam are next up, so the only bracket spot nailed down so far goes to Alabama.

But at the moment, the raison d'être of even playing a conference schedule is now a question.