A Lesson Not Learned

Published on 14-Jul-2015 by Towner Park

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A Lesson Not Learned

It's been an humilitating week for Florida State University and, frankily, football in general.

Refer to the Ray Rice situation if you're curious about how the NFL handled that ridiculous incident.

Seemingly, two more football players for the Florida State Seminoles need to heed a fundamental lesson:

Those who don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

With domestic violence at the forefront and repeatedly drilled into everyone's heads -- you surely know this if you follow sports media in general --  you'd think people would stop to think before they react.

Now, it's been alleged that two FSU football players, Dalvin Cook and DeAndre Johnson both struck women this past week.

Seperate incidents. Different locations. Same type of setting. A bar.

Yes, I'm well aware that there are provokers and instigators in this world, but any time you mix young adults and bars, the chances of something bad happening increase.

I can't give these two knuckleheads the benefit of the doubt. They allegedly reacted poorly during an altercation, and both of their lives will seemingly take a negative turn unless their innocence is proven.

Jimbo Fisher, of course, went into the obligatory damage-control mode:

We spend a good deal of time educating our student-athletes about appropriate behavior and their responsibilities as representatives of Florida State.

Apparently, these two didn't heed that advice. As if they were listening at all.

Fisher has now banned his athletes from going to bars, and who can blame him?

The Noles needed to take immediate action, and that's exactly what they did. Zero tolerance, here. I applaud them for stepping in, investigating the incident, and taking the proper action with the dismissal and suspension.

Now, Florida State must repair their image, and these athletes need to start taking the high road.

What's wrong with walking away if a confrontation becomes heated?


But then again, I'm 31 years old, and a 18-year-old possesses a completely different state of mind.

Simmer down, kids. It isn't worth it.