Kentucky Is Not 36-1

Published on 27-Mar-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Kentucky Is Not 36-1

Sometimes, words should be treated like bullets.

Once they're out, there's a whole lotta things that're gonna happen that can't be reversed.

OK, most times, words should be treated like bullets.

Case in point: A certain freshman with the West Virginia Mountaineers emptied his chambers in the run-up to their Sweet Sixteen meeting with the Kentucky juggernaut.


Don't think the Mountaineers enjoyed it for very long.


Devin Booker tweet

Any hopes West Virginia had of spoiling the Big Blue Nation's 40-0 party were couched in their goading the Wildcats into a street fight. But after racking up four fouls in just over the game's first two minutes, that strategy went the way of the dodo bird.

Especially since two of them were against the Mountaineers' only credible big, Devin Williams. It didn't really help that the refs had a clue about West Virginia's intentions, too, and decided to clamp down early. The result looked like a glorified game of tag.

No idea, though, if that woulda worked. If any other team's gonna try, it'd be Arizona or Gonzaga if they're so inclined.

The social takeaway from this annilihation was obvious. Free speech is a wonderful thing, but just like gun rights, a measured dose of common sense should accompany it.

Of course Daxton Miles Jr and his Mountaineer cohorts should've believed they could handle Kentucky. They didn't exactly back into the Sweet Sixteen.

But there's a difference between confidence and cocky.

Kentucky believed they could handle West Virginia. They didn't back into the Sweet Sixteen, either.

And now they've strolled into the Elite Eight.