Who Started This Smack?

Published on 27-Mar-2015 by Larry Cory

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Who Started This Smack?

O ye who rejoice in seeing the mighty fall!

I understand that you hate the Kentucky Wildcats.

You hate the Patriots.

You probably hated the Yankees back in the day.

I also know why you hate them. They win! They crush your dreams. They are what you want your team to be.

As soon has both Kentucky and West Virginia advanced to the Sweet 16, the national media started the smack campaign; which was that the Wildcats had never faced a defense like the defense that Bobby Huggins' team plays. The 'Cats would wilt under the pressure that West Virginia would put on them. The Mountaineer defense would turn over the bigger, slower Kentucky guards, and that would create easy baskets for a team that came into the game with 25 wins.

The national media would have you believe that the game would be undecided in the final 60 seconds!

I was starting to wonder why they were even going to play the game. Hey, let's save Kentucky the embarrassment of losing on national television and stopping their undefeated season. Let's just give West Virginai and that great defense their props as they advance on the Elight Eight!

And? Let's see here ...

Give West Virginia credit. After all, they held Kentucky to ... well ...

Lobs! Lay-ups! Dunks! Blocking Mountaineer shots! Three-pointers! And the Sportscenter Play of the Day!

It was a total beatdown, and no matter how much or how loud Huggins cussed the officials -- and, yes, they sucked on both ends -- there was absolutely nothing he could do could stop what was happening.

Maybe he can learn from this and ask -- or maybe tell -- his players to keep their traps shut and let their playing do the talking.

Here's what's talking: 37-0!

The media has already started their smack for Saturday's game against The Irish.

Are you buying in?

Yeah, right!