Washington Wins Everywhere on Boxing Day: Wizards

Published on 27-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Washington Wins Everywhere on Boxing Day: Wizards

The dude revered as America's Daddy shares a holiday in February these days.

But this year, his namesakes made Boxing Day his own.

Five Washingtons. Five triumphs. Never before in history has this happened. Kinda cool.

This was the first time since 1983 that the District of Columbia had three of its own all win on the same day. The State of Washington's two FBS entries won twice on the same day in 2015, albeit in non-cons where they should have.

After being dumped twice in the last two Eastern Conference semi-finals, the Wizards need to pick up the pace this season if they expect to progress one round further. But they're showing signs of stirring:

NBA East standings

The Nets are having less luck in the Barclays Center than fans of their new bedfellows from the NHL are in finding it.

So the table was set for the Wiz to contribute make a Boxing Day sweep possible, and John Wall was doing the serving:

No wonder Wall's miffed that he's not getting more All-Star recognition than he is. It's notable, though, that he's one of the few who seems to care.