Washington Wins Everywhere on Boxing Day: Redskins

Published on 27-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Washington Wins Everywhere on Boxing Day: Redskins

The dude revered as America's Daddy shares a holiday in February these days.

But this year, his namesakes made Boxing Day his own.

Five Washingtons. Five triumphs. Never before in history has this happened. Kinda cool.

This was the first time since 1983 that the District of Columbia had three of its own all win on the same day. The State of Washington's two FBS entries won twice on the same day in 2015, albeit in non-cons where they should have.

Good news for the capitals' locals: The Redskins are division champions. Bad news: It's the NFC East:

NFC East standings

Their clincher wasn't so much about the scoring as much as it was the bumbling, which is where Philadelphia excelled:

And to think those dudes are being paid to play this game.

The highlight blunder, though, belonged to Kirk Cousins:

Mental vacancy like that won't bode well in their one guaranteed playoff game, especially if their opponent is yet another team from Washington, ie- the one that's been in the last two Super Bowls.