Someone in Cleveland Fires Blatt

Published on 22-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Someone in Cleveland Fires Blatt

Rumor has it Johnny Manziel was nowhere near the Cavaliers front office.

So, for now, no one can pin this one on him. Or DeMarco Murray.

Sure, GM David Griffin said he's the dude who pulled the trigger because the Cavs' 30-11 record -- best in the Eastern Conference -- just didn't feel right.

Proof once again that you just can't fight the feeling.

Can't stand in the way of history being made.

And so the spin began.

Windhorst tweet re Blatt

Another tweet re Blatt

Celtics Blog tweet re Blatt

Well, that does remain to be seen.

Wojnarowski tweet re Blatt

The first clue: Ty Lue was the interim coach for a nanosecond.

That three-year contract hit the desk at Warp 9.

Could this shakeup mean that Kevin Love will now stop being an observer on offense and realize there are two ends to the court?

He wasn't exactly enamored with Blatt's schemes, either.

Tweet re Love

To see if all this really makes any difference, Lue's got half a season to go 30-11 himself. Then, he's got a full spring to return the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals.

It should also be a fair indication as to how James does as a general manager.

If it doesn't work out, maybe Cleveland can put in a call to DeMarcus Cousins.

Then again, maybe not.