The Sac-Town Kings Are Advised by a Court Jester

Published on 12-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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The Sac-Town Kings Are Advised by a Court Jester

More than any other league, the NBA has totally devalued the term superstar.

Used to be, if fans in general recognized a name, that was a superstar. Think hockey fans knowing Michael Jordan or hoopaholics clicking the lightbulb when Wayne Gretzky's name is mentioned.

  • Kobe Bryant? Superstar.
  • Tim Duncan? Dirk Nowitzki? Close. Stars
  • DeMarcus Cousins? Get real.

OK, we get it. Sacramento isn't the largest location in the league. The Kings are the only game in town. That's a low bar for Cousins to attain when it comes to recognition. But does he have the standing to be a shot-caller where the hiring of a new coach is involved? Especially when the coach involved is George Karl?


Sorry, Shaq. There are no grounds to disagree. Zero. Sir Charles is correct. Totally.

George Karl will forget more basketball that Cousins will ever learn. Or his posse.

So there.

Two vets with cred have spoken. They've earned it.

Cousins has a 'ways to go, and there's still no guarantee he'll get there.