Sidney Lowe Feels the Wrath of Gregg Popovich

Published on 30-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Sidney Lowe Feels the Wrath of Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is a fascinating dude.

His terse interviews in the middle of games have become the stuff of legend, as it's difficult to extract much information out of Pop during these brief encounters.

However, there are times when the San Antonio Spurs coach will wax philosophic on any number of issues, including discretions by his NBA coaching brethren.

Recently, Washington Wizards assistant coach Sidney Lowe appeared to use some rather suspect tactics at the end of a game with the New York Knicks at the Garden.

The Knicks were down three with the ball, Lowe was clearly on the floor during the play, and may have even been talking to Knicks players. That is, if Courtney Lee is to be believed.

You be the judge:

Well, that's certainly one way to prevent a shot from going up.

While coaches typically shy away from being openly critical of one another, Popovich is having none of it:

These opinions were unsolicited, so Pop clearly felt strongly about the complete lack of professionalism displayed by Lowe.

Popovich has earned the right to say whatever he damn well pleases, and he has recently strayed into the realm of political discourse.

The five-time NBA champion shared his thoughts on Donald Trump in an interview shortly after the general election, and Pop doesn't exactly go gentle into that good night.

It is a fun read because of the refreshing honestly from a public figure, but also utterly depressing for the painful accuracy.

Of course, the moral here is to simply not cross Gregg Popovich.

Here endeth the lesson.