Popovich in Mid-Season Interview Form Already

Published on 29-Sep-2015 by CJ

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Popovich in Mid-Season Interview Form Already

There's no scarier interview in the NBA -- and possibly the world -- than San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich.

The man is absolutely ruthless in his dressing down of innocent sideline reporters.

His short answers and awkward silences have been known to destroy once hopeful media careers.

It's understandable for Coach Pop to be on edge during the playoffs. Hell, even regular season games can be stressful at times.

However, one would expect Popovich to be much more open at this point in the season. After all, the Spurs have yet to play a game, let alone practice. What is there to get the Popmeister riled up?

Of course, the logical answer to that one is NBA Media Day, the unofficial start date of the upcoming campaign. Players and coaches get to give of their million-dollar time by consenting to pre-season interviews.

Most of these are conducted in a light-hearted manner, as both media members and team staff get it that this is simply PR fluff that precedes the substance of another grueling NBA slog.

Media Day for Gregg Popovich, however, is his green light to have fun at the expense of reporters. And this year was no exception:

For being such a beloved NBA coach, Popovich sure has a twisted definition of the word fun.

From a distance, Popovich’s ongoing war with the media is quite possibly the most entertaining thing in sports.

So keep on keeping on, Coach Pop.