Even More New York Woes

Published on 25-Feb-2014 by Jared

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Even More New York Woes

Remember when the Knicks were 54-28, good for second in the Eastern Conference, not so long ago?

Even last October, owner James Dolan -- who occasionally doubles as the Knicks' and Rangers' resident buffoon -- expected his team to be a title contender.

Coach Mike Woodson drank the Kool-Aid, commenting with a straight face, "I think we’re solid enough to compete for [the title], absolutely. I think we’re one of the teams that are going to be in the hunt."


The Knicks have dropped 9 of their last 11 games, and this isn't their first time doing it. They're currently 11th in the East and 6½ games back from a playoff spot.

They've got their own sideshow in pesky -- and we mean that in a bad way --JR Smith. He's pulled some bizarre stunts this season, showing fetishes for headbands and shoelaces.

Now, to make it worse, the Knicks have lost point guard Raymond Felton, who's sitting in jail on gun possession charges. And it's his wife who turned it in! That's when police discovered the firearm wasn't registered.

No wonder David Stern retired.

Who knows how much further this Knicks team will spiral downward?
This could possibly be Carmelo Anthony's last year as a Knick. But that could be good news.
The New York Knicks are in a dire situation, and they're definitely not in a good position to rebuild. Unless it's a playground for the likes of Smith, Felton, and especially Dolan.