The 'Shoelace Bandit' Gets Nabbed

Published on 10-Jan-2014 by Towner Park

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The 'Shoelace Bandit' Gets Nabbed

I always thought it was considerate if someone pointed out that my shoelaces were untied.

It probably prevented embarrassing face-plants or unintentional accidents on my part. In fact, I would always make an effort to say "thank you" for such a genuine act of kindness.

However,  intentionally untying someone's shoes in hopes that something embarrassing happens is simply childish, no questions asked.

JR Smith became this year's early recipient of the 'Male Athlete Turned Child' award when he attempted his so-called "shoelace stunts" during two consecutive New York Knick basketball games.

Smith was not only caught trying to untie Shawn Marion's shoelaces during the Knicks-Mavs game, he was also taped attempting to untie Greg Monroe's shoelaces as well during the Knicks-Pistons game.

JR Smith untying shoelaces

Smith, by all means, is a bonehead if he thought he could get away with his silly act twice in a matter of three days.

The NBA thoroughly reviews every game, not only for statistical reasons, but to review player conduct, too. I'm guessing Smith thought he was wearing a cloak and was invisible to the naked eye.

The final result: A $50,000 fine, which I think is way too low for his behavior.

JR Smith is a professional athlete. It's a true shame he thought he had to resort to this type of behavior to gain a competitive advantage. I've heard of some dumb stunts, but this is by far one of the most ridiculous actions I've ever came across.

It reminds me of those cheap attempts by NBA players to knee their opposition's groins. It's a frivoulous stunt that should warrant a major penalty.

I'm glad the league spoke out and eventually fined Smith for his trivial attempts to gain the upperhand. I'm happy with Mike Woodson for calling Smith's behavior "unacceptable" because, frankly, it is.

Bottom line: JR Smith is not a child. He is a 28-year-old, nine-year veteran of the NBA, and his past behavior has already landed him on the NBA's radar screen. He should have known better then to pull something like this. He needs to be focusing on helping the Knicks and not adversely affecting them with pathetic stunts and anti-drug violations.

According to recent reports, the Knicks may be looking to trade Smith.

Seems fitting for an absolute disgrace who is more interested in himself than providing any kind of value to the team he's playing for.

Grow up, JR. Your career isn't going to go anywhere if you continuously act like a 12-year-old bully.