Slugger Stanton Is a Quick Healer

Published on 16-Sep-2014 by J Square Humboldt
MLB / MLB Daily Update

37 of those swings have lost a baseball.

It could have been worse. Far worse.

As in Ray Chapman worse.

Or Tony Conigliaro worse.

But it was bad enough when the Miami Marlins' top bopper, Giancarlo Stanton, took a Mike Fiers running fastball to the face this past Thu 11 Sep. The initial damage report was substantial, but thankfully, not tragic.

Incredibly, while the prognosis indicated this injury would sideline Stanton for the season, he begs to differ. However, he has improved considerably in the past few days:

Stanton before and after

Stanton tweets

Maybe this will hasten another recovery, too. Some wounds aren't visible, but they're present nonetheless.

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