Pete Rose Banished to Hell for All Eternity

Published on 14-Dec-2015 by J Square Humboldt
MLB / MLB Daily Update

Hell of Fame?

So that's that.

It's been confirmed. Pete Rose is not a nice man.

Frankly, he's never been a nice man.

So the odds are, as decreed by the Commish he'll never, ever be a nice man.

True, there are mean dudes in baseball's Hall of Fame that are even less nice than Rose.

But those who were in the game after 1919 did the same thing as Rose each day of their careers.

They passed a sign that was posted so prominently in the clubhouse that even Stevie Wonder could read it:

MLB Rule 21d

What part of shall be declared permanently ineligible leaves any wiggle room?

Got that right.

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