If Tim Tebow Can Be a Met, So Can You

Published on 18-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson
MLB / MLB Daily Review

They just had to outbid the Yankees.

Maybe this dude is better than Michael Jordan.

But not yet.

The hoopster Hall of Famer made it to AA ball when he made his run at being a major leaguer.

Right now, all Tim Tebow has done is make it to organized baseball. Like Jordan, celebrity helps.

Dude's tryout got mixed reviews.

But it's a different world when one becomes a big brand.

Still, there's gotta be something of redeeming moral value from this. After all, it's Tim Tebow, for chrissakes!

Fortunately, someone's been paying attention. So, aspiring seamheads, viddy well:

Who knew?

While looking like he was trying to make a fair catch out there, Tebow confirmed that the only team for him was indeed the Mets.

The 1962 Mets.

Dude's just 54 years behind his time.

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