The Stock Market Loves Mourinho's Firing

Published on 22-Dec-2018 by Axel Krüger

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The Stock Market Loves Mourinho's Firing

It's a silver lining with real silver.

There's more than one scoreboard in big-brand football these days, and Manchester United just rang up a win on one of them.

After being the civilized world's last dude to realize José Mourinho's shelf life had gone past its freshness date, Red Devils' incompetent-in-charge Ed Woodward finally told him to walk.


Of course, Mourinho had no choice to go, but he also was contractually enabled to take £22.5million of United's dosh with him.

No wonder he didn't utter a discouraging word.


Of course, if he expects to ever get hired again, dude knows to keep it zipped.

Meanwhile, Woodward's proven on a weekly basis that he doesn't know football. Rumor has it dude does know the stock market, but even he might not have seen this coming:

These prices are incremental, so think of it as a mini-bull market.

United's shares were some of the rare few hitting green numbers on the New York Stock Exchange this past week:

  • The market opened a few hours after Mourinho's exit with the price at $17.34, but
  • It quickly rose to $17.88 and, as we see, it just kept right on going.


Dude might love it even more if that Nifty Norwegian, Ole Gunnar Solsjær, gets the Devils back on track.

At some point, winning's gotta be profitable, too.