The Three-Year Itch Scratches Mourinho Once Again

Published on 18-Dec-2018 by Axel Krüger

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The Three-Year Itch Scratches Mourinho Once Again

So, why now?

Was it that someone in the Glazer clan -- inheritance owners of Manchester United and the NFL's sucky Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- felt they could only be embarrassed by one club at a time?

Or was it that corporate flunky Ed Woodward just realized there wouldn't be as many beans to count if the Red Devils kept on like they were?


Guess so.

It was time for José Mourniho to go, anyway, and not just because ...


It's probably also why he prefers not to unpack.

Dude's been living in a downtown hotel since he arrived at Old Trafford. Still, it was an £870-a-night joint that unfortunately didn't give him a 3-year discount rate.

Only once in Mourhino's managerial career has he been insufficiently annoying enough to wear out his welcome in three seasons or less. The exception was his first stint at Chelsea, and it was only by a few months more.


By his second turn with the Blues, Mourinho was back in form, ie- outta there on schedule.

At Old Trafford, about as Special and the Once could get in his first season were the Europa League title and the League Cup.


Those cup competitions were the last of the 25 trophies Mourinho had accumulated.

Finishing second in the Premiership the following campaign was arguably a more impressive accomplishment, but that's when his well ran dry.

Being real, three seasons is about how long it takes for an ego-centric manager to grate on players. It's telling that when Woodward rung Mourinho up, only one player offered a comment, and that was Pogba posting a smirking selfie on Instagram with the caption, Position this.


Mourinho's legions of critics believe the game's passed him by. It's clear United's players wanted a more flowing style with an abundance of free reign. That's tough to do under a micro-manager.

Odds are they'll get their way with Ole Gunnar Solskjær taking the helm for the balance of the season.

As to the Special One, it could well be dude's gonna have a long wait before anyone takes a chance on him again. Maybe even more than three years.