Red Devils Nipped by the Reigning Champions

Published on 7-Nov-2017 by srijan213

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Red Devils Nipped by the Reigning Champions

Here are the problems Manchester City's pursuers have right now:

  • So far, none of them have stepped up to stem the Citizens' tide, and
  • While City's setting an incredible pace atop the Premiership standings, they're gonna be knocking each other off.

That's exactly what happened again last weekend.

Defending Premiership champion Chelsea also defended home turf at Stamford Bridge by shutting down Manchester United, 1-0.

That's basically the effect.

Of course, there's still the matter of qualifying for Europe, so it's not like there's nothing at stake, here.

And that's how the match was played, a tight-marking affair that ultimately saw the Blues grab three points that were quickly put to good use.

premiership standings

Álvaro Morata was the man of the moment in this one.

Dude rose high and mighty to power a long-range header only a few would even attempt.

On top of that, to get it past one of the game's best 'keepers in David De Gea is really something special.

After a quick start to the season Manchester United is slowly slipping down the ranks, and some observers are starting to notice a trend.

United does what they're supposed to do against lesser clubs, but in their last eight matches on the road against the Premiership's Big Six, dudes have managed to only score once.

Sounds like the ol' bus parking tactics that José Mourinho's deployed everywhere he's gone, doesn't it?

That's no way to catch a leader.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is still dreaming big. Someone has to.