3ice Goes Where Every Damn Hockey Player in the World Has Gone Before

Published on 21-May-2020 by Alan Adamsson

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3ice Goes Where Every Damn Hockey Player in the World Has Gone Before

Maybe EJ Johnston should give Ice Cube a finder's fee or something.

It's probably more than a coincidence that dude took notice of Mr Cube's Big3, put 2+2 together in a Canadian sorta way, and came up with a gnat's fart of a brainstorm.

3-on-3 on ice. Real ice, as opposed to hip-hop Ice.

And to the surprise of everyone who didn't realize anyone out there still had money to spend on opening a new business, the latest entry to sports' mini-leagues will be born in 2021 and christened as 3ice:


Johnston's convinced a 3-on-3 game will be more appealing to the younger demographics, designing the league's media push for streaming instead of broadcast and cable.

Dude refers to it as snackable, short-form entertainment.


What's truly amazing is the caliber of hockey cred that Johnston's lined up for coaches. This has gotta be solely for PR purposes. After all ...

  • Who needs coaches for 3-on-3?
  • If he's targeting this operation for the younger crowd, how many of them will have even heard of that crowd?

Not to mention Craig Patrick, who's been lined up as the 3ice commish. Maybe he'll stir up a bitta Gen Z passion in those who saw Miracle on Ice.


3ice will schedule the same sorta road show as the National Lacrosse League and Big3. In this instance:

  • They'll collectively go on tour;
  • They'll play a bracket-style tournament at each stop;
  • Their season will feature 60 total games over eight different tour stops; and
  • There will be a league championship at the conclusion of the season.

Of course, that's assuming the league makes it to the point where it can use the term each season. And doing it the XFL way of each season doesn't count.


Johnston's promising a dangle-centric show that'll feature that'll be served in conveniently-paced bursts that'll easily accommodate both commercial breaks and channel surfers:

  • Each game will consist of two eight-minute halves, with a four-minute break in between.
  • There will be an eight-minute pause in between each game.
  • With seven games being played at each one-night stand, there will be 112 minutes of hockey played inside a 210-minute live television broadcast.

The CBS Sports Network oughta love that. It's already signed on to carry the games in the USA with the championship to go full-bore on CBS itself. TSN and RDS will carry the action in Canada.

Now all they've gotta do -- besides sign players and line up cities -- is attract the young fans they say will make this league a success.


Hopefully, those particular fans will take the time from their own longstanding 3-on-3 leagues and tournaments to take notice.