Le'Veon Bell Was Apparently The Victim of a Nude Jewelry Theft

Published on 23-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Le'Veon Bell Was Apparently The Victim of a Nude Jewelry Theft

Perhaps Le'Veon Bell should consider working out at home in the future.

The shiny new Jets RB was involved in a most unfortunate incident recently in South Florida, which is part of a state prone to unfortunate incidents.

The day started out like any other in the world of Le'Veon Bell, with the former Steeler leaving his home to go work out.

However, business picked up quickly after he returned.


Oh, but there's so much more.

You know what, maybe Bell should take over from here:


Man, there are so many different directions we can go with this.

Of course, we don't know if a typical day in the life of Le'Veon always includes leaving two naked women in bed to go workout, but he's certainly living his truth regardless.


That 911 call sorta went off the rails even before Bell described the perpetrators as being nude when he last saw them.

Beyond the money and jewelry, our victim mentions other things of value on several occasions, things that he uses around the house.

What that could possibly mean is anyone's guess.


Other questions emerge, including his inability to accurately explain the ethnicity of the two naked women, as well as the whereabouts of his neighbors while these nude women were leaving the mansion with money, jewelry, clothes, shoes and the mysterious other things of value.

Anyway, at least Bell was able to get in his workout as he stays far away from the Jets facility while preparing for the 2019 NFL season.

Actually, his new head coach Adam Gase could probably assist the local authorities with the investigation, as those crazy eyes could use the focus.


Yep, he's just the man to get Bell's shit back, although the women of undefined origin are presumably wearing clothes by now.