Extreme Parenting with Tom Brady and His Frightened Daughter

Published on 21-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Extreme Parenting with Tom Brady and His Frightened Daughter

You know, we're beginning to think this Tom Brady character is a little unconventional, particularly in regard to his family.

The Brady Bunch has been spending some quality time in Costa Rica before the fraudulent Tom Terrific reports to yet another NFL training camp in preparation for yet another NFL season.

However, this wasn't exactly rest and relaxation, as Tom, Gisele and the kids decided to push the vacation envelope with a variety of activities.

First, the gang went horseback riding through thick brush.


It's unclear if the machete was provided or if Brady brought his own, but he was definitely wielding it with his throwing hand.


That was just the appetizer, though.

This would be the main course, served with a generous helping of batshit crazy:


What in the actual hell was that?


While that may or may not be Brady immediately after the jump, dude clearly isn't the most responsible or brightest dad we've come across.


That fall was ugly, which tends to happen when a six-year-old girl is yanked off a cliff facing by the arm against her will.

Reaction on the web was predictably harsh.




The NFL policy on shitty parenting is ambiguous, but maybe Tom should've pulled Tyreek Hill over the side instead.


Alright Michael, let's pump the brakes just a bit.

While we're on the subject, this sadly calls to mind another example of eccentricity involving children.


Yeah, the optics on that one were pretty bad, as well.

As of press time, we've been unable to establish a link between this irresponsible cliff jump and the Max Kellerman cliff theory.

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