Darius Slay Remains Scarred From His Matt Patricia Experience

Published on 12-Aug-2020 by Raoul Duke

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Darius Slay Remains Scarred From His Matt Patricia Experience

With the NFL preparing to fire up a bastardized Covid-19 season complete with fanless games at the outset, we're beginning to get some sound from players as training camp approaches.

Cornerback Darius Slay is now in Philly, having been liberated from NFL purgatory in Detroit after seven spirit-crushing seasons.

You'd think that Slay would be eager to discuss his future with a competent franchise, but he appears to remain haunted by the mere existence of Matt Patricia.

While the three-time All-Pro only spent his final two years in Motown with the unkempt Belichick disciple, this time clearly made an impression.


Darius passed his trials and tribulations but still wishes to subtly embellish on the original thesis statement he shared after the March trade that sent him to the Eagles.

You may recall these behind-the-scenes nuggets:



Yep, that's how Matty P chooses to motivate the troops, although it'd appear Slay's posture was never an issue.

Having now finally been exposed to another organization and a head coach that isn't Matt Patricia, Slay's noticed some glaring differences:


This does seem to be a feature of the working relationship that many grown men tend to appreciate.


Of course, it's not like Slay's feelings are some sort of outlier.

We could cite many an example, but let's listen to Shannon Sharpe saying truthful things to Skip Bayless:


While Darius was able to flee, his ex-teammates remain in the mouth and beard of madness.

We anxiously await tales from what can only be Patricia's third and final season as an NFL head coach.