Angry White Dude: Brady to Retire? Why?

Published on 28-Jan-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Brady to Retire? Why?

It was painfully apparent when Peyton Manning walked away from the NFL with his second Super Bowl win that his skills were gone.

You could even say that Denver won in spite of Manning's play at QB.

He did the right thing!

And let's face it, corporate America needed him.


With the exception of every Patriot fan on Planet Earth, everyone seems to want Tom Brady to shut it down after this year's Super Bowl, win or lose.


Think his skills have fallen off? Perhaps, but he's probably still better at 41 or 42 than the QB for your favorite team.


You should try and undstand that Brady's certainly smarter than the QB for your favorite team. He's 'way slow, but he was always slow. He sure can't run around back there like Cam, Mike Vick, or RG3 did!

How many Super Bowls have those dudes won? Scramble on, men!


In today's NFL, you cant even breathe on a QB, so the rules favor a player like Brady.

He gets rid of the ball in about three seconds. Just ask the Chiefs.

You can't even get to him to try and hit him.


With 19 seasons under his belt, you can't trick him and can't throw something at him that he's never seen.

He wants to play until he's 45, and if he keeps taking the Patriots to the Super Bowl every year, I guess we'd just better settle in and watch the highlights.


At some point, New England will have to draft a QB who will tagged as Brady's 'replacement'. 

Was Jimmy G the man? Perhaps, but he can't seem to stay in one piece.


Frankly, dude's been hurt more than Brady even though he's seen much less action.

Tried of Brady being in the big game? Then beat him! Outplay him. Rush him. Harass him. Outwork him!


Tom and the Patriots go for Super Bowl win No 6 Sunday in Atlanta. No matter who wins, someone will say that it's time for Tom Brady to retire.


Why would he do something like that?