Character & Leadership 101 with Professor Urban Meyer

Published on 24-Dec-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Character & Leadership 101 with Professor Urban Meyer

These days, legitimate news items often read like parody.

For example, it's been reported that recently retired head coach Urban Meyer will be co-teaching a class on character and leadership through the business school at The Ohio State University.

Yes, the very same Urban Meyer who enables domestic violence and then lies about it.

If you think this is a misprint and should actually be a class on moral and ethical bankruptcy, you are unfortunately mistaken.


Indeed, kids, it's a brave new world, one where rotten humans like Urban Meyer are allowed to act with impunity, provided they're making bags of cash for other rotten humans.

Just listen to our friend as he provides an example of his personal character:


Boy, that's going to be some class.


The Internet seemed to enjoy the rich irony of this announcement, as well:


Again, not parody.


The curriculum will reportedly include that pyramid of bullshit that Meyer is displaying in the photo.


Apparently, in yet another poor decisionThe Ohio State University will also be keeping this pariah on as Assistant Athletic Director, so that's good.

Students can now access his bottomless well of character for decades to come.


Go Buckeyes!