Urban Meyer Says He's Packing It In ... Again

Published on 4-Dec-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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Urban Meyer Says He's Packing It In ... Again

The late Jerry Tarkanian's legacy comes to mind.

OG knew how to put a basketball team together and make them run like a finely-tuned machine on the court. The only thing was, if John Wooden was the Wizard, Tarkanian was the Dark Lord of college hoops.

He was constantly occupied with dodging the posse.


Urban Meyer's profile is kinda the same. Awesome coaching record. Recruiting issues weren't his albatross, though. Instead, it was what some of those recruits and assistant coaches did once he had them in the fold and how he handled their misdeeds.

Then there's Meyer's health.

Arachnoid cysts don't sound very good at all. They're clearly not very easy to eradicate as it seems, either.


Arachnoid. Not arachnid.

Just know it's annoying.

Kinda like being hounded over the continuing Zach Smith controversy.


What does retire really mean to a high-level football coach?

Those dudes run on an intense schedule for a good part of the year, so just cashing in and tending a garden or whatever would be a serious jolt to the system, health recovery or no.


It's only natural to assume, then, that Meyer's gotta do something he enjoys.

Being a studio analyst makes the most sense, but coaching again?


The only way it happens is if dude decides to show he can raise a program to national championship contention without causing off-field controversies.

Even Tarkanian realized that, after a career steeped in or near hot water, those were spots he couldn't change.