The Donald Gets Roasted by Roy Williams

Published on 12-Mar-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Donald Gets Roasted by Roy Williams

Roy Williams is a dad-gum fine basketball coach.

He can also be rather entertaining at a press conference when properly stimulated.

This happened recently following a North Carolina win over Miami in the ACC tournament.

When discussing perceived advantages to staging the tourney in New York, Williams launched into a rant about social media.

Invariably, the current leader of the free world was mentioned.

Right on, dude!

Sadly, Williams is speaking the truth here. The fact that our current President uses social media as a teenager would is not just an opinion, but harsh reality.

Williams is certainly not the first hoops coach to call out Trump on his endless buffoonery.

Gregg Popovich will discuss these matters at length with little provocation.

Other leaders of men, including Coach K and Steve Kerr, have weighed in, as well.

It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel at this point, but these things do need to be addressed.

Trump seems to enjoy being roasted anyway, so it's all good.

Hello narcissism, my old friend.