Roy Williams Blames Bench Chair for Recent Loss

Published on 6-Feb-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Roy Williams Blames Bench Chair for Recent Loss

Recently, the North Carolina Tar Heels laid a rather large egg on the road, losing 77-62 at Miami.

Head coach Roy Williams was predictably upset throughout the game, but one particular tirade on the bench caught the eye.

After his point guard was whistled for a technical foul, Williams caught a bit of a crazy during the timeout.

Obviously not wanting to lay hands on another human person, the two-time NCAA championship coach decided to focus his rage on an innocent bench chair.

Let's take a moment and pour one out for that defenseless chair.

It surely deserved a better fate.

Of course, Williams is no stranger to taking out his frustrations in such a fashion.

A few years back, he assigned blame to his sports coat, wadding it into a ball and throwing it away.

That thing probably needed to be dry cleaned.

This incident even reached NBA circles, as Oklahoma City center Enes Kanter extended some sage advice to the coach.

At least Williams didn't fracture anything.

Of course, every single act of senseless violence towards a chair at a basketball game will forever be compared to this Bobby Knight gem:

That one gets better with age.