Steph Curry Casually Drains 60-Footer at the Horn

Published on 19-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Steph Curry Casually Drains 60-Footer at the Horn

If history's any guide, the range of Steph Curry is practically boundless, even extending to the moon on occasion.

The skilled Golden State marksman added to this body of evidence the other night in San Antonio.

As the first quarter was winding down, the ball happened to find its way into the hands of Curry, as it frequently does.

Then he went ahead and did this:



Of course, the play-by dude got a bit hyperbolic with that 75-foot nonsense, but 60-feet is pretty okay, too.

Also, Steph failed to call glass, but we're willing to let that slide, just this once.


The two-time NBA MVP is becoming an old hand at this crazy shit, as ESPN helpfully explained:


We're still unclear as to how Zach Randolph managed to do this four times, but let's move on.

Here's a fun compilation that features Curry bombing away on every single NBA team:


That's just so good.


Apparently, his methods in practice are even more unconventional.


That's right, Steph will punt it up there if necessary.


Both Ghana and the Sudan are well within this dude's range.