Dwayne Wade Doesn't Call Bank, Buzzer Beater Still Counts

Published on 28-Feb-2019 by Biff BoJock

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Dwayne Wade Doesn't Call Bank, Buzzer Beater Still Counts

Taken from another perspective, the Golden State Warriors' 126-125 loss to Miami is just another hint at how bored they are with the regular season.

Clearly, Draymond Green's not doing his job.

But hell, with Dwayne Wade two months away from entering his three-year Hall of Fame waiting period, he was the highlight of this game.


OG posted 25 points in 26 minutes off the bench, which helped keep the Heat in the game and set the stage for a playground ending.

With the Dubs dicking around for three periods -- Miami held a 24-point lead at one time in the second quarter -- they finally remembered who they were.

Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant both completed four-point plays and apparently seized control of the proceedings before Wade's fairy godmother stepped in at the buzzer:


Frankly, the real reason Wade's destined for the hall is what made that moment possible.

Seconds earlier, the Dubs looked to be in fine shape to wrap this one up. Miami needed a clutch trey to even have a chance for being there at the end.

Wade delivered:


That patented Wade bucket got them close, and the immediate foul on Durant stopped the clock.

It was an added bonus that dude only went 1-2 from the stripe, which set up the fantasy finish.


The two-point difference was why Wade first entertained thoughts of getting to the rim and forcing overtime.

When that option soured, he calmly passed out, got a return, and had to overcome Durant's block.

Being real, OG did well just to get the shot off. As Old School used to say, if you've gotta hurry it, aim at the glass.


Miami set a franchise record with their 75-point first half. The fact they had to come back for the win pretty much defines where they are this season.

Which is outta the playoffs.

But for one incredible instant, Wade gave their so-so campaign something to remember.