Serge Ibaka Would Like You to Try Some Bull Dick

Published on 14-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Serge Ibaka Would Like You to Try Some Bull Dick

Serge Ibaka is an extremely useful NBA player, currently plying his trade with the Toronto Raptors.

Apparently, he also answers to Mafuzzy Chef and is the host of a web cooking show titled How Hungry Are You?

Our disappointment in only just discovering this show now can't be overstated, but better late than never.

The season finale of this remarkable piece of entertainment featured possible cyborg Kawhi Leonard, who just happens to be Serge's teammate with the Raptors, for the moment anyway.


Well, the concept of this show appears to involve Serge preparing unusual and exotic dishes for his guests.

You know, like bull penis.

Have a look see:


How many penises is that?


You really have to feel for Kawhi, who's painfully uncomfortable in the most ideal situations, let alone in front of a camera being forced to sample bull genitalia while repeating the word penis over and over again.


It appears that Serge also uses the show as a means to pepper his guests with questions, as he proceeded to badger the pending free agent on his future plans.

Predictably, Kawhi was non-committal, saying he didn't really know, which may actually be true.


Perhaps if Serge had paired the dish with an appropriate wine, things would've gone a bit better.


And some dessert would have been nice, as well.


Oh, and before we go, please enjoy this 2012 footage of Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard dunking all over Serge Ibaka when he was with OKC:


This has zero bearing on anything happening in 2019, but is still awfully fun to watch.