Please Enjoy This Absurd Hornets Buzzer Beater That Broke Toronto

Published on 25-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Please Enjoy This Absurd Hornets Buzzer Beater That Broke Toronto

One of the cooler aspects of sports is the ever-constant possibility of something batshit crazy happening during a game.

A half-court loose ball buzzer beater for the win on the road would certainly qualify.

Some dude named Jeremy Lamb shocked the Toronto Raptors by doing this very thing, possibly triggering an international incident in the process.

The Charlotte guard is putting together a nice little season in the first extended starting action of his seven-year NBA career, but nothing he's done up until this moment could have prepared anyone for the following nonsense:


Just wow.


We could ask someone to pinch us, but that would be inappropriate and human resources may have to get involved.

Lamb himself was in disbelief afterwards:


Our new hero seemed pretty reserved considering he'd just spontaneously developed Steph Curry range, but the Hornets' play-by dude certainly took care of the enthusiasm with that groan-inducing rapture call in the clip.


This calls to mind another ridiculous game-winner in the Association from last month.

And just like that Dwayne Wade contortion routine, the bank wasn't consulted on the Lamb dagger, either.


Hey, there's another one.

Apparently, the FDIC doesn't have NBA jurisdiction.